A word from the Founder

I am writing these lines for you just a few hours away from launching our new website, the one you see here and which was another ambitious project, but on which I had a lot of fun working.

The last few months have been particularly challenging for all of us with the arrival of Covid-19. To say that Art of Living Gluten Free has not been hit hard would be wrong. However, I must reiterate how extremely grateful we are for the support our community and our customers have given us.

As you may know, I founded Art de Vivre Sans Gluten 3 years ago, in July 2017. First a blog where I shared my best addresses and tips for a balanced gluten-free lifestyle, the desire to do more with my platform has always been there. That's why I quickly launched the surprise packages, then our online grocery store and finally, in December 2019 the Café Boutique.

During the spring confinement, despite the fact that we were busier than ever I had to take a while to think. I made the hard but good decision to end the surprise parcels, a concept that had launched and made known my young company. I also had to close the Café Boutique, on which we had worked so hard and which had just opened. This period will have been marked by small mournings, but also by a huge wave of love on your part.

What I've seen since our reorganization is how much I can now put all my energy into our online grocery store. I quickly saw that it was the right thing to do, you have and are always there, each month in higher numbers online. Our shop was also able to reopen last June in its grocery store portion and with a reduced schedule, but you were, as always, understanding, thank you!

While autumn is well underway and the second wave of Covid19 unfortunately well established, I am nevertheless confident now that we will be strong, all together and it reassures me. Thank you for being here and for our new customers, welcome home.

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